Texas based dj bluegucci delivers a totalitarian anthem of tribal techno, fusion of tunes with old-school artillery behind it. These aren't tools, these are nuclear heads.
A diverse selection of electronic music reviewed, from local Macedonian electro album to the latest album by Spanish hard techno producer SlugoS.
If you're an independent artist with no label behind, getting your music online properly is very important. In this post, we learn the best ways of…
In our new Dense podcast, Estonian dubstep producer and DJ Bisweed drops the maddest tunes from the deep sphere of the genre... and Andrijan goes on a…
Energetic and simply bombastic set that continues to blow your minds throughout.
We love it everyday, but tonight we especially adore it. HH.
Sexy tunes, mad tunes.
Estonian producer, DJ and longtime promoter known as Hugo Mesi with an almost 2 hour journey of mad, bouncy, and uplifting 160bpm techno for his Mürk…
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